Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lisette, Part 1

And when he pushed her out of the way that first time, was he conscious then of how his choice would change not only the course of her life, but of his own life? If you could even call his existence a life. Upon reflection, he knows he intellectually understood the cause and effect reaction that promoting a soul would set into motion, but in that moment, as his emotions rose for the first time in more than two centuries, his intellect was paralyzed.

From his place beside the outdoor ashtray near the laundromat door, he watched the dark lashes of her brown eyes flutter and then lift as she opened her eyes wide in astonishment. A vaguely familiar looking man in the parking lot aimed a hand gun at her mother demanding to know where her mother's husband was. As her mother stammered about not having a husband, Lisette interrupted,

"Are you talking about Bruce?"

The man adjusted the gun's aim, pointing it at Lisette.

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